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Some basic tips

The search function finds exact strings and related results. If you search for ‘salmon’, you will get exact matches first, and then some other related results containing ‘salmon’. If you only know part of a word, you can add an asterisk * after (or before) your search term. For example, ‘heart*’ will return both ‘heart’ and ‘heartily’.

For possessive paradigms, we have tried to keep the plurality consistent across persons so that the entire paradigm will come up when a word is searched for without needing to append an asterisk. This means that sometimes the English statement won't fully make sense (their heart instead of their hearts, for example), while other times the plural possessives will have an optional (s) attached (as in their heart(s)). This is merely a quirk of the dictionary, but since the Siletz singular and plural forms of nouns are the same, you should interpret the English as whatever makes the most sense to you (read their heart as their hearts).

This dictionary is being edited and new content is being added. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact

Athabaskan Practical Alphabet